DefiMedia Photographer Assaulted After Verdict of MedPoint Affair Pronounced

A photographer from Defi Media Group, Marjoreland Pothiah, claims having been assaulted on the 30th of June in front of the intermediary court while she was working.


The intermediary court where the incident happened

Marjoreland Pothiah alleged that she was taking photographs of the leader of the MSM, Pravind Jugnauth, leaving the Court House in his vehicle after the verdict was pronounced yesterday, when it happened. She related that she was near the gate of entrance when a man came up to her and hit her in the chest several times. She was then transported to Jeetoo hospital by one of her colleagues as she writhed in pain.

She had filled in a Form 58 and made a declaration to the police. She stated being able to recognise the one who attacked her.

She was later admitted at Jeetoo hospital.

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