DPP Satyajit Boolell Responds To ICAC Investigation

Days following the initiation of the investigation by the ICAC on DPP Satyajit Boolell, the latter has finally responded by requesting an interim ruling to prevent the ICAC from putting him under arrest.

satyajit B.

DPP Satyajit Boolell has finally reacted to the current ICAC investigation controversy yesterday, July 14. He has requested for an emergency interim ruling forbidding the ICAC and the Commissioner of Police from initiating an investigation on him pertaining to the Sun Tan case, and another to prevent the authorities from putting him under arrest to which the court has acceded.
The case will be heard today afternoon, July 15, in front of judge Ah Foon Chui Yew Cheong.

The DPP explained that on the 8th of July he learnt of how he was being incriminated in the Sun Tan affair. He also said that vice-Prime Minister Showkutally Soodhun expressed words of threat against him.

Satyajit Boolell has also initiated proceedings against ex-minister Pravind Jugnauth, vice-PM Soodhun and the Chief of Staff of the PM’s office, Prakash Maunthrooa. He added that he intended to file lawsuits in Supreme Court.

In the affidavit that was submitted yesterday, Satyajit Boolell has also implicated an ex-judge, claiming that the latter told him to resign from his post so that the investigation is abandoned.

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