Eid-Poster Controversy: Minister Soodhun Denies Having Apologised to the PMSD

The eid-poster controversy is still in the news, specially that minister Showkutally Soodhun has today denied having apologised to the leader of the PMSD. Yesterday, July 21, it was reported that the minister had called Roshan Seetohul, a member of the PMSD, to present his apologies to the group for having talked against an eid-poster that was made by a supporter of the party.

eid controversy

Photo credits: DefiMefia.info

DefiMedia.info reports that Showkutally Soodhun has denied having offered his apologies to the PMSD when he was asked to confirm the news that was released yesterday.

As for Xavier-Luc Duval, he had taken to social media to respond to the statements of his colleague. After minister Soodhun had made his claims on Radio Plus, Xavier Duval had written a post on his Facebook profile pertaining to the poster in question. He had also later added that he regretted what happened with minister Soodhun and that he wished for that not to happen again.

Has this minor clash affected the relationship between the PMSD and the MSM? According to DefiMedia.info, many members of the MSM were shocked at the statements of their minister. The relations between the two political parties remain cordial.

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