Eleana Gentille Affair: Police Looking For 2nd Suspect

What could have happened to Eleana Edouarda Gentille? The little girl was reported missing months ago and she was found dead weeks later, on the 15th of April. Her corpse was discovered at Nouvelle-France. The police is still working on the case. A new suspect has allegedly been found.

eleana G.

The first suspect apprehended by the police earlier this year

As per the tests performed on the clothing of the girl, as well as on her corpse, DNA traces were found to be belonging to two individuals: the victim and a man’s. It seems that it is only a matter of time for the police to trace the man whose DNA it is.

At the beginning of the investigation, another man had been arrested: 35-year-old Arnaud Boodram was at the party where Eleana was last seen, and the police was led to him. He had denied the allegations but was kept under police detention because his DNA was found where the corpse was discovered.

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