Ex-President, Kailash Purryag, To Be Interrogated By The CCID Today (July 24)

The ex-President of the Republic, Kailash Purryag, will be interrogated at the CCID today, July 24. He will be questioned about a piece of land that was acquired by the acharya Sonu Kumar Jha.

acharya sonu K.

Acharya Sonu Kumar Jha

Was Kailash Purryag involved in the acquisition of a piece of land of 8,445 m2 at Dioreet-Caqueray, La Vigie, by acharya Sonu Kumar? What is the relationship between the acharya and him about? He will have to answer to CCID investigators pertaining to these questions.

Sonu Kumar Jha is an Indian man who has obtained Mauritian nationality since some time now. He is an astrologer who is allegedly close friends with several PTr ministers.

The land in question was allocated to him, on October 22, 2014, in the name of Society/Association for the construction of a Meditation-cum-Wellness centre. The lease expires on July 1, 2024, and can be renewed annually for Rs 150.

The ex-PM, Navin Ramgoolam, was also involved in the CCID interrogation relating to this case. He had even been arrested because of this investigation. He had merely stated that the procedures for the acquisition of lands were all respected.

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