Fire At CMT Still Not Put Out At 6.00 A.M Today

The fire that broke out yesterday at the old factory of CMT was still not put out during the early hours of today morning. The firemen were working on extinguishing it at 6 a.m. The fire occurred at around 5 p.m yesterday afternoon.

Nawsheen Suffee
Photo credits: Nawsheen Suffee.

Firemen, policemen, the SSU and the SMF as well as representatives from the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Committee were also called on the spot.

Ajay Aubeeluck, Divisional Fire Officer, has reassured the public that the situation is under control, but that it might take at least 10 hours to completely put it out.

Meanwhile, the police has ensured that the surrounding areas are safe for the people. They have also patrolled the neighbouring villages. At 9 p.m yesterday, they had evacuated around 30 families living within 20 metres of the building that was in flames. Many of these inhabitants spent the night at social centres.

The road from Dagotiere leading to Verdun that was closed because of the fire is now reopened.

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