Fire At Old Factory of CMT Factory (July 7)

A fire broke out today afternoon at the old factory, “Compagnie Mauricienne de Textile” CMT. A thick black plume of smoke could be seen in the vicinity of Verdun. The fire is said to be of high intensity and not yet put out.



Firemen were immediately called on the spot. The cause of the fire is not yet known.

According to a witness, as reported by, the fire started at around 15h45 today, July 7, in a warehouse of the factory; the building is used to store chemical products. Since then, the road circulation in the region was perturbed.


A supervisor from the factory related having noticed the fire at around 16h45. He had then informed his other colleagues and they all evacuated the building. Later, the police had also made arrangements for the evacuation of inhabitants of the region.

For now, the fire seems to be difficult to contain.


Several explosions were heard coming from the region of the building. Firemen have said that radioactive materials might be nearby. Furthermore, the CEB has cut off all power in the regions.



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