Free Wi-Fi On Summit of Mount Fuji in Japan

Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, is famous for its beauty and panoramic view. It can now boast of an additional “feature”: free Wi-Fi available at its summit.

mounti fuji

Mount Wi-Fi

People nowadays cringe if they go to a place without Wi-Fi. We feel the need to be connected to the Internet – for the sake of our social media groups, YouTube, you name it. Well, the worldwide craze for Wi-Fi has reached such a height that it will soon be available at the 3,776-metre summit of Mount Fuji in Japan.

Mountain climbers can sigh in relief: they will be able to update their successes to the world the moment they hit the peak.

The service is being provided by a Japanese mobile phone network. The latter will offer free Wi-Fi as from Friday at eight hotspots on the famous mountain, including at its summit. The initiative has as goal to attract foreign visitors to the country.

The visitors will require a user ID and password that will be provided in fliers in many languages.

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