Future Project of Élie & Sons: Setting Up A Memorial Garden

The funeral home Élie & Sons will soon set up a Memorial Garden at Quartier-Militaire where people will be able to disperse the ashes of the deceased.

funeral director

Photo credits: l’Express.mu.

The memorial garden will house an electric crematorium, two “chapelles ardentes”, a florist’s shop, ceramic products, a snack bar, a contemplation room, as well as a lake in which the ashes will be dispersed. The family of the deceased will also have the additional option of burying the ashes under trees.

Furthermore, the memorial garden will include a columbarium where funeral urns will be stored.

The premises will also be under high-security: security cameras will be installed, and, watchmen will be recruited. Maintenance service will also be provided.

A cemetery for pets will be made available.

A parking lot with the capacity of 170 vehicles will be constructed.


  • we the inhabitants of Vuillemin village where the Élie & Sons will soon set up a Memorial Garden are not accepted this kind of project and development at our Village. we will protest again this kind of development !

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