ICAC Investigation Concerning The DPP Leading To Constitutional Crisis

The investigation that the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) had initiated to shed light on an affair pertaining to the DPP Satyajit Boolell seems to be taking a new turn. According to l’Express.mu, experts state that the case might lead to a constitutional crisis.

satyajit B.

DPP Satyajit Boolell

DPP Satyajit Boolell might be caught in an affair relating to conflicts of interest concerning a project of the Sun Tan Hotels PTY Ltd, a firm in which his wife is a shareholder.

An official from ICAC explained to l’Express that they are currently being directed towards disagreements with the Constitution. He stated that from the very beginning of the case itself, they were conscious of the challenge lying ahead.

The investigation is now at a preliminary stage. The ICAC will have to submit its report containing the proof and relevant information to the DPP, as stipulated by article 46 of the Prevention of Corruption Act. Thereafter, the DPP might give the green light for a more in-depth investigation. Ironically though, it is the DPP himself who is the focal point of the case. Thus the dilemma of the ICAC. Furthermore, the law dictates that the report must be submitted to the DPP himself, and not just to the office of the DPP.

It is to be noted that the ICAC has not accused the DPP, nor has he been called a suspect. As such, another dilemma might crop up. According to the Standing Order of the ICAC that has been discussed in court, it cannot proceed to put the DPP under arrest.

It seems that those who wrote down the anti-corruption law never considered the possibility of an investigation concerning the DPP himself.


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