Judged Guilty, Pravind Jugnauth Resigns Today

Today, 1st of July, Pravind Jugnauth, will submit his resignation as the Minister of Technology, Communication & Innovation to the President of the Republic. He intends to wait for the verdict of the appeal trial he signed up for after he was judged guilty in intermediary court pertaining to the Medpoint Affair.


Pravind Jugnauth, in the company of his wife, during the press conference. Photo credits: l’Express.mu

Pravind Jugnauth provided justifications for his decision yesterday night at 21h00 during a press conference at his place at Vacoas. While his colleagues among the MSM wished otherwise, he decided to resign. Nando Bodha and Showkutally Soodhun from the MSM had also held a press briefing yesterday at 19h00. They had urged their leader not to resign. But, the latter had already met with the Prime Minister to inform of his resignation.

He announced that he would only join the cabinet again after the issue of the verdict of the Supreme Court. He affirmed that he had always been “guided by principles”, and that his decision was motivated by his “respect towards the institutions, specially the judicial ones”.

Just after the verdict of the intermediary court was announced yesterday, he had expressed his great disappointment. In the press conference of last night, he related that he was even more disappointed when he read the verdict in detail.

Furthermore, he stated that he would not assist the proceedings of the political bureau of the MSM scheduled for today. He explained that from then on, he would focus on his court appeal while carrying out his duties as the leader of the MSM.

He also seized the opportunity to extend his thanks to Xavier-Luc Duval and Ivan Collendavelloo for their solidarity.

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