Kailash Purryag Interrogated: He Denies Allegations Put Forth

Kailash Purryag states that he has denied the allegations he was allegedly made to face at the CCID headquarters today when he was interrogated by the investigators.


The ex-President of the Republic, Kailash Purryag, left the CCID headquarters after 3 hours of interrogation today, July 24. He was questioned about his relationship with acharya Sonu Kumar Jha.

According to l’Express.mu, he explained that he was confronted with certain allegations which he denied. While he did not provide the details pertaining to the latter, he did describe them as being “far-fetched”.

The CCID investigators also wanted to know about the role Kailash Purryag played in the acquisition of a State piece of land by Sonu Kumar.

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