Mauritius Post: Increase in Postage Rates As From 01.08.15

Postage rates will be increased as from the 1st of August. The cabinet announced the review of the fees last Friday, July 24. Some of the products and services of the Mauritius Post will increase by 26 %.


The government intends to amortise the operating costs of the company, according to l’ Some of these expenses have allegedly been increased by 50 % while the number of letters sent has diminished.

The last time the fees were reviewed was 7 years ago.

The authorities also wishes for the firm to exploit e-commerce by this measure with the aim of bringing SMEs and web-stores closer to their respective clients. However, this would necessitate more sophisticated software and hardware that the Mauritius Post would have to provide.


  • Mauritius Post is a simple, manual delivery/courier company. Since when have they become a highly advance technology company? Providing Webstores for businesses? Has anyone taken a look at their own webstore lately? This govt will be stupid to think the Post Office can even do this and, by the time they realise this, hundreds of millions of public money will b flushed down the toilet.

  • I think mauritius post can`t just increase this cause 7 years was not take action to increase this also about going into new technologies that customer need to pay this fees ,if you take it in global we needs to know where the profit is going throw ,we can`t just sponsor think team then we said we need to increase prices .

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