MCB ATM Case: Suspects Charged With “Breach of Computer Misuse” Kept In Detention

A provisional charge of “breach of computer misuse” has been levelled at the three Chinese men who were recently arrested as suspects in the MCB ATM case.

chinese atm thieves

The suspects appeared in court today. Photo credits: l’

After the MCB informed the police of the presence of suspicious devices at two of its ATMs in the capital, the hunt for the perpetrators began. In a matter of hours, the police apprehended three Chinese men, Hu Xiao Mao, Liu Xiao Yong and Zhang Guiping.

The accused appeared in intermediary court today, July 29. The police objected against their release on bail. They were then kept in detention again.

They will appear in court on the 5th of August.

Skimming devices” were spotted in the security cameras found at ATMs last week. These machines are used for fraudulent purposes such as harvesting confidential data illegally.

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