MedPoint Affair: Sentence of Pravind Jugnauth To Be Revealed Today

The sentence to be inflicted on Pravind Jugnauth will be known today, 2nd of July. After he was judged guilty yesterday pertaining to the MedPoint affair, he had resigned from his post of minister of ICT. He now intends to focus on the appeal to be made to the Supreme Court. His lawyers are already working on the case.


One of his lawyers, Raouf Gulbul, affirmed that their “fighting mood” is on, and that they would fight till the end.

They might possibly lodge the appeal today. Raouf Gulbul told l’ that they would divide the different points into three categories.

The lawyers of Pravind Jugnauth state that the latter’s constitutional rights have been baffled by the way the ICAC carried out its investigation. Secondly, they believe that the articles 2 and 13 of the Prevention of Corruption Act (PoCA) have been misinterpreted by the 2 magistrates who gave the ruling yesterday. Lastly, they say that the facts have also been misinterpreted by the latter.

Meanwhile, the minister of good governance is filling in the hole Pravind Jugnauth left at the cabinet. Roshi Bhadain will replace him until he comes back, as is believed by his colleagues; the members of the MSM, as well as the party’s allies the ML and the PMSD, have shown great support to their leader. But, will he?

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