Missing MH370 Flight: Investigating An Unidentified Piece of Debris Found Off Coast of Reunion Island

The fate of the MH370 flight might possibly soon be unravelled. Debris found in western Indian Ocean, off the coast of Reunion Island, yesterday, July 29, seem to have been part of a Boeing 777, the same model as the Malaysian Airlines aircraft that went missing last year.

debris MH370The unidentified piece of debris carried by the police in Reunion Island.

The debris was spotted off the coast of one of the Mascarene Islands, Reunion Island, at St Andre. It is currently being examined to confirm whether it once belonged to the MH370 aircraft.

Boeing observers affirm that they are seeing a specific element of the Boeing 777’s flaperon in pictures of the debris; photographs were used to make a preliminary evaluation of what has been found.

When the piece of ‘debris’ was found, it was thought to be a wing flap, and brought to the island. Malaysian authorities had then despatched a team to Reunion Island to look into the matter.

“We need to verify. We have wreckage found that needs to be further verified before we can further confirm if it belongs to MH370. So we have dispatched a team to investigate on these issues and we hope that we can identify it as soon as possible,” said that Malaysian Minister of Transportation Liow Tiong Lai.

Malaysia Airlines is now working with the authorities to determine the origin of the debris.

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