Motorway At Bois-Rouge In The Dark After Thieves Stole Underground Copper Wires

Darkness on the motorway. Since July 21, a significant part of the motorway, stretching from the round-about of Bois-Rouge to that of la Croisette was left in the dark after the street lights went out. It is believed that thieves have stolen copper cables installed under the earth that were part of the lighting system. The police has been informed of the situation.

darkness in ebene

Initially, the authorities deemed it possible to repair the damage in no time. According to l’, the president of the district council of Rivière-du-Rempart, Goorooduth Chuckun, explained that the procedures would take more time than they had previously thought because they were waiting for a report to know of the extent of the damage that had been done, and to determine the cost of the reparation. The motorway will be lighted again following the evaluation.

At the level of the ministry of public infrastructure, solutions will soon be formulated to deter thieves from taking away cables, according to l’ Furthermore, the reparation of the lighting system on the motorway will be placed under the responsibility of the Road Development Authority in the future.

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