No Access For New Beneficiaries To Methadone: NGOs Cry Out

NGOs have spoken against the proposal of Anil Gayan who suggested not to have any new beneficiary of methadone.


Nicolas Ritter, the president of PILS, has expressed his concern concerning the statement Anil Gayan who proposed that the request for methadone should not be acceded to new beneficiaries. He believes that ten years of work are thus threatened, according to l’ He addressed those who attended a conference organised by the “Collectif Urgence Toxida” (CUT).

Concerned NGOs have requested for an urgent meeting with the Acting PM, Xavier-Luc Duval. They have already sent a letter to the PM, Sir Anerood Jugnauth. They argue that no alternative has been proposed and that those concerned have not been consulted.

Nicolas Ritter describes methadone as what provides stability to the persons who use it. He also says that its accessibility reduces crime rate since the people will not steal for it. He also mentions how preventing access to the drug has caused an increase in HIV cases and hepatitis C in other countries.

The coordinator of CUT, Joëlle Rabot-Honoré, affirmed that 2,543 people were included under the program from January to June 2015.

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