Owner of Printing Firm of the MMM Arrested & Paul Berenger Interrogated

The son of the owner of the printing company that usually publishes posters for the MMM, Rudy Poinen, has been summoned by the police today, July 7. Paul Berenger also called at the CCID headquarters after being informed of the news.

Paul B.

The printing firm of Singaron Poinen, HS3 Printing, is said to have published a poster following the condemnation of Pravind Jugnauth regarding the MedPoint affair. The poster allegedly called beneficiaries to return the Rs 144.7 million that were paid by the government for the purchase of the clinic.

The leader of the MMM, Paul Berenger, also went to the headquarters of the CCID after hearing of the news. He explained that he was the one to have given the green light to make the posters, and to make them public. According to him, the Poinens have abided by the law by publishing the name of the printing firm and that of the MMM on the poster.

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