Palmarozza Murder Case: Accused South-African Billionaire Fights in Supreme Court

Earlier this year, South-African Peter Wayne Roberts was accused of the murder of his girlfriend Lee-Ann Palmarozza when the couple had travelled to Mauritius. The Bail & Remand Court (BRC) had refused to grant him release on parole. However, he seems to be up for a fight: he has asked for the conclusions of the BRC to be reviewed in Supreme Court yesterday, July 24.


Peter Wayne Roberts

The case has been postponed for the 10th of August to allow the authorities the time to submit a counter-affidavit. Meanwhile, Peter Wayne Roberts who was arrested on Friday, January 2, will remain in detention, a provisional charge of murder levelled against him.

His girlfriend Lee-Ann Palmarozza was found dead in a swimming pool in the hotel Anahita The Resort last year, on December 30. Her death was attributed to asphyxia caused by drowning. Traces of alcohol and antidepressants were found in her blood. Dr Sudesh Kumar Gungadin had affirmed that the theory of foul play was not to be dismissed. Furthermore, signs of ecchymosis were observed on the face of the victim.

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  • Hi, i am the father-in-law to the late miss Lee Ann Palmarozza. i would like to know if Peter Wayne Roberts did appear in the supreme court,and if he did,what was the finding (10/8/15) any news would help our family.please keep us posted…..

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