Potato Thieves In Moka Spotted!

Mauritius now has potato thieves. Yannick Guy Marie and Alexandra Madeleine, 28- and 27-year-old respectively, entered into a plantation area situated behind Apollo Bramwell hospital at Moka at around 23h25 on Monday, July 27, and took away a bunch of potatoes with them.

potato thief

The owner of the crops filed a complaint at the police station of Moka. An investigation was then launched.

The police came across the two suspects yesterday, July 28. Both are inhabitants of Beau-Bassin.

Last year, the police apprehended a chocolate thief in the north of the island, and a JCB-thief who robbed the vehicle from the airport and parked it in his house yard. Mauritians seem to have pretty creative ideas lately.

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