Pravind Jugnauth Sentenced to 12 Months Imprisonment

Pravind Jugnauth has just been sentenced to a year of imprisonment.


Magistrate Niroshini Ramsoondar has just proclaimed the sentence of Pravind Jugnauth: 12 months imprisonment.

On reading the sentence, the magistrate mentioned the following:

“No evidence of monetary gain by the accused”

“Decision taken by the accused was at the very last stage”.

She also added that “the charge is nevertherless serious”.

Meanwhile, the condemnation has been suspended since a social survey is being carried out on Pravind Jugnauth to determine whether he can perform community service instead of being jailed for 12 months. The court will reveal its final decision as to the conclusion of this investigation on the 16th of July.

Reacting to the news of the sentence pronounced against Pravind Jugnauth, Xavier-Luc Duval said on Radio Plus that he was extremely shocked at the severity of the retribution.

Leaving the court, Pravind Jugnauth found himself in the middle of an overwhelming crowd. He was surrounded by officers of the Special Supporting Unit:-

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