Raj Dayal States That Mauritians Will Still Have Access to La Cambuse Beach

Fans of La Cambuse beach do not have to worry anymore, as the Minister of Environment has reassured members of “Plateforme sauve nu la plage” that the public will still have access to the beach even after the execution of a hotel construction project.

la cambuse beach

The public will not be forbidden access to La Cambuse beach despite the important project involving the construction of a hotel that is to be executed there. The Minister of Environment, Raj Dayal, thus reassured the members of the NGO “Plateforme sauve nu la plage”.

Raj Dayal paid a visit to La Cambuse beach today, July 21, whereby he met with members of “Plateforme sauve nu la plage”.

He stated that signs would be installed to indicate which parts of the beach would be allocated to the public.

The spokesman of the NGO, Georges Ah Yan, affirmed being satisfied of the meeting. He said in a statement to Radio Plus that the minister asserted that the beach will not be made narrower to accommodate for the project.

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