RCC Student Bullying Friends To Give Him Their Money

A student of RCC is allegedly terrorising other classmates, forcing them to give him their money. An incident was related by a boy who claims to be his victim. The police has been informed of the situation.


A student from the Royal College of Curepipe (RCC) has accused a fellow student of having attacked him with the aim of stealing his money. He narrates that he was beaten and strangled by the boy in question. Traumatised, he informed the police. The rector of the educational institution has, on the other hand, reassured students and parents that there is no security problem in the premises of the school and that the situation is under control.

The family of the alleged victim is not reassured though. They fear lest their son is assaulted outside the premises of the school. The victim, an HSC student, described the teenager who assaulted him as terrorising other of his friends deemed ‘weak’; he is known for his reputation of causing troubles in RCC. He bullies students, coercing them to give him their money. When he was refused to be given the money, he had then attacked the victim, according to what the latter narrates.

The police will now seek the advice of the DPP, and the authorities are looking into the matter.


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