Renewable Energy Resources – Solar Panels – Taking Over Mauritian Households & Companies

Renewable energy sources seem to be reaping their fruits: according to operators, people have been saving much money after taking to solar panels (of up to 100 % on electricity bills). Furthermore, the high demand for solar panels has led to competitive prices on the market.


The high energy demand in Mauritius is being met by photovoltaic energy sources which are deemed to constitute a reliable solution. Providers of the renewable energy resources explain that Mauritians are coming in great numbers to buy their products. For instance, the director of Reneworld, one of the firms specialising in renewable energy sources, Irfan Fatadin, told l’ that more and more individuals are seeking their services, specially that electricity bills now tend to be around Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,000 monthly.

Furthermore, companies are also taking to these methods. The sensitisation campaigns seem to have fulfilled their aims: several commercial buildings are now equipped with solar panels.

On the other hand, the CEB has launched a call for expressions of interest, while a call for tender to sell electricity generated by renewable sources of energy might be sent out in the near future.

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