Sanjeev Nunkoo Acquitted of Helene Lam Po Tang’s Murder Case

Sanjeev Nunkoo, who was initially tried as an accessory in the murder of Helene Lam Po Tang, has been pronounced non-guilty today, July 30, by the jury.


Sanjeev Nunkoo [at the left] after he was acquitted. Photo credits: Kursley Thanay.

Rama Valayden, the lawyer of Sanjeev Nunkoo, explained on Radio Plus today that the 9 members of the jury have all unanimously voted for the innocence of his client. According to him, truth has prevailed. He also added that he would ask the authorities concerned to reopen the case because the crime against Helene Lam Po Tang “cannot remain unpunished”.

The victim was found dead in her house on October 15, 2010, by her sister and brother-in-law. The expert who performed an autopsy on her corpse stated that her body had sustained around 20 wounds. As the investigations over her apparent murder proceeded, Sanjeev Nunkoo became involved in the case. He was accused of having bought a knife the day before Helene Lam Po Tang died with the knowledge that it was going to be used to kill the victim. As for the accused, he had testified that he had received orders from his ex-boss, Gary Lam Po Tang, the husband of the Helene, (who was himself released on parole) to get rid of the corpse. He had also said that he had been “trapped”.

After he was judged non-guilty, Sanjeev Nunkoo made the following statements to the press, as reported by

“Tant ki mo vivant compte lor mwa pu gagne le coupable”.

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