South-African Johannes Juric Botha, Condemned to 33 Years of Imprisonment, Wins On Appeal

Johannes Juric Botha, the South-African who was pronounced guilty for drug trafficking back in 2013, can now return to his country after he won on appeal.


Johannes Juric Botha wins on appeal yesterday, July 23. Photo credits: l’

South-African Johannes Juric Botha has won on appeal yesterday, July 23. He was initially condemned to 33 years of imprisonment after he was found guilty for drug trafficking in 2013. He can now return to his country.

Back in March 2009, Johannes Juric Botha was convened by officers of the Anti Drug and Smuggling Unit. Ever since he had arrived in Mauritius with a companion of his, Marisca Scannell, the police kept an eye on both of them.

Ultimately, heroin worth Rs 47 million was found with Marisca Scannell. The latter had then pleaded guilty and was condemned to 25 years of imprisonment for the import of heroin.

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