Stringent Conditions For Solar Water Heater Suppliers To Remain Unchanged

The procedures relation to the grant for subsidies for the purchase of solar water heaters made more severe by the authorities will remain unchanged. The Ministry of Environment remains firm upon the new conditions.


The ministry does not intend to change its mind. The Project Manager, Vincent Chan How, who coordinated the procedures with the Development Bank of Mauritius (DBM) has explained that the conditions have been made more severe to counter dubious means certain suppliers have used in the past.

As a consequence, the providers approved by the government are the only ones to receive orders from beneficiaries of government subsidies.

Back in 2008 when the then-Minister of Finance (Rama Sithanen) had offered subsidies of Rs 200 million, many had presented themselves as solar water heater suppliers to make money – they did so in complicity with their clients. Some would ask for deposits from their clients via fake agents and then disappear once payment was made. Others would give fake information: for instance, stating a false number for the capacity of the reservoirs.

Therefore, the government has brought forth more stringent conditions to prevent people from taking advantage of the situation. A list of approved suppliers was made, and the latter had to make a deposit of Rs 500,000. The severity of the new measures will not be diluted.

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