Suspicious Devices Detected At 2 MCB ATMs: 3 Chinese Men Arrested

Three Chinese men, Hu Xiao Mao, Zhang Guiping and Liu, have been arrested yesterday, July 28, by the CCID. They are suspected of having attempted to steal the data of people by placing certain devices onto two ATMs of the Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB). Fortunately, they did not succeed at getting out any confidential information from the MCB clients.

One of the 3 suspects after he was arrested. Photo credits: Al Khizr Ramdin.

The arrest of the three men was the result of a complaint issued by the MCB after it was observed on security cameras on July 22 that certain suspicious devices had been placed onto two ATMs in Port-Louis. The Chief Executive Officer of MCB, Antony Withers, explained that this fraudulent attempt to steal the money of clients by copying their card and PIN numbers was unveiled by the CCTV cameras placed on all of the ATMs, as reported by

As a precaution, the bank even stopped 1,500 cards on Friday afternoon; on the same day, the MCB interacted with 1,350 clients whose cards had allegedly been compromised.

When the three Chinese were brought to the CCID headquarters after officers arrested them at La Reine Street, Port-Louis, they could not be interrogated right away because of language barriers; no interpreter was available at that time.

Later on, the CCID has carried out a search at the residence of the suspects at Port-Louis. Bank cards, foreign currency as well as computer systems have been seized. The Cyber Crime Unit of the CCID is currently working on the case.

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