Terre-Rouge-Verdun Road Mishaps: Setting Up An Alert System For Drivers

It seems that the misadventures of the Terre-Rouge-Verdun road will not end soon. It was first closed because of the appearance of cracks all along its length. Thereafter, landslides resulting from heavy rain caused it to be closed again. Now, the steep rugged slopes threaten to pose a new problem to drivers.

terre rouge

Photo credits: l’Express.mu

The road will be examined by South African experts today. Following the release of the results of the tests to be undertaken, the road might be reopened; the date of re-opening will be determined accordingly.

However, the authorities believe that the current situation might be reproduced again since the road is located in a zone that is frequently rainy.

Therefore, given the possibilities dooming over drivers, the authorities wish to set up an alert system to inform drivers in case of landslides. The final decision pertaining to the feasibility of this project is yet to be known though.

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