Transferring Market of Quatre-Bornes to Candos

The market of Quatre-Bornes might soon be transferred to Candos. This project was on the agenda of the municipality for some years now. The authorities concerned are now just waiting for the financing of the government.

quatre bornes

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Minister Roshi Bhadain is determined to go forward with the project, according to what reported of statements made by the mayor of the town, Atmaram Sonoo. The new infrastructure, as described by the latter, will be of a “one-stop shop” style.

The market of Quatre-Bornes exists since 1941. It makes 300 m2 and has to accommodate for the needs of more than 85,000 people, as well as tourists. Over the years, several times was it suggested for the market to be renovated, but one thing or another would come in the way. It now seems that it will finally be transferred.

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  • This project exists since 1941 and this is wholly unacceptable to the people of Quatrebornes and Bellerose .Successive governments have failed to realize this project due to lack of vision and political will and not solely due to finance .

    MIP will petition the government and hold a press conference to illustrate that governments have procrastinated on this very crucial issue to the detriment of the people .We will not leave any stones unturned until the market is rebuilt with all its modern facilities ,car park ,library ,cyber cafe and information desk just to mention a few not to mention latest technology .
    Enough is enough .

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