UBS Van Carrying Money Earned During Weekend Attacked By 4 Armed Men

A van of the United Bus Service (UBS) transporting the money earned on Friday and during the weekend was attacked yesterday morning, July 27, at 16e Mille.


The van in which 4 UBS employees were travelling was being driven to the Forest-Side at the headquarters of UBS. But, before it could reach there, it was attacked by 4 armed and masked men. The latter were onboard a 4×4 and deliberately hit the van only around a hundred metres from the destination of the van.

Rs 900,000 was thus stolen by the group of 4 men, according to the police, as reported by However, the Managing Director of UBS, Swaley Ramjane, has mentioned an amount above Rs 2 million.

One of the employees, Farad Peeroo, was wounded when their vehicle was forcefully stopped. He gave a testimony on Radio Plus on Monday afternoon. He had explained that their attackers had hit the van with a weapon.

The police is now working on finding the 4 men. Their vehicle is allegedly a white 4×4. The right side of the 4×4 and the driver’s seat have been damaged.

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