University of Mauritius Going Through Financial Difficulties

The University of Mauritius is currently going through financial problems that seem to be worsening. This year’s deficit has reached Rs 58 million. It is feared lest this spirals to Rs 130 million by 2016, according to


The report of the Pay Research Bureau (PRB) will be available in January 2016 while the budget of the UoM is already being swallowed by salaries. reports that almost 80 % of its budget are overtaken by salaries, and the 2016 PRB report might exacerbate this problem as new salaries will be fixed.

Subsidies provided by the government cover only 50 % of the expenses of the UoM which is supposed to find the rest of the money by itself. For the first 6 months of 2015, it has supposedly received only Rs 252 million from the government while it required Rs 590 million.

The alternatives to balance its accounts are but few. Salaries, for instance, cannot be reduced. Nor can the number of PhD holders. Hence, the sense of urgency when it comes to the current financial predicament.

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