UOM Terminates Rs 6.8-Million Contract Made With Construction Company

The management of the University of Mauritius (UoM) has terminated the contract of a construction company which was to renovate a football playground as well as a beach soccer one.


The contract was a Rs 6.8 million one. The firm which was allocated the project was chosen in March 2014 after a call for tender was sent out. The money that was to finance the construction works came from the Sports and Games Fund, provided for by the students. The construction works were supposed to end by the 21st of June 2014. However, the firm had asked for an extension and it was granted its request.

On the other hand, the works done seemed to be lacking, according to UoM management. It appears that the conditions pertaining to the Beach Soccer playground were not respected which could pose a danger to students. In March 2015, officers from UoM had paid a visit to the site and observed a number of discrepancies.

Ultimately, UoM revoked the contract. The construction company, displeased with the decision of the UoM, considered this to be a violation of the contract and sought legal intervention. UoM explains that it has paid the company only as per the works done (Rs 5.5 million only) while the agreed total amount of money (Rs 6.8 million) was not given out.

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