Will Pravind Jugnauth’s Sentence Be Commuted to Community Service?

The decision of the Probation Office as to whether Pravind Jugnauth’s sentence will be reduced to community service will be made known today in intermediary court. From then, he will have 3 weeks to lodge an appeal in supreme court.


Pravind Jugnauth, having been sentenced to 12-month imprisonment after he was pronounced guilty in the Medpoint case, will now come to know of the fate that awaits him. The Probation Office will submit its report to the intermediary court today to inform whether his retribution will be commuted to community service or not, following which Pravind Jugnauth will have a delay of 21 days to lodge an appeal against the ruling in supreme court.

If he is indeed directed to community service, his lawyers will most probably not make a judgement call. According to l’Express, his lawyer, Raouf Gulbul, will make an official statement today in court.

A convict can lodge appeals of the sentence, or of the verdict, or both. If Pravind Jugnauth were to accept the verdict but contest the sentence, he might ask for a reduction in the retribution. However, if the case goes to the Supreme Court, the risk of the sentence ultimately becoming more severe cannot be ignored either.

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