Young Man Allegedly Stabbed To Death By The Father of His Fiance

A 27-year-old man, Nizam Ramchurn, is said to have been murdered by the father of his fiancé, Rajcoomar Ramphul.


According to l’, it all started when Rajcoomar Ramphul’s daughter called him from a party at Mahebourg at a friend’s to inform him that her fiancé, Nizam Ramchurn, had hit her. The angry father immediately went to the rescue of his daughter at Mahebourg where a fight broke out. Rajcoomar Ramphul is said to have stabbed his would-be son-in-law in the chest, who allegedly died from the wound.

An autopsy was performed on the corpse of Nizam Ramchurn by Dr Maxwell Monvoisin who concluded that the victim died of internal bleeding resulting from a blow to the thorax.

The family of the victim is still under shock. Nizam Ramchurm and Rajcoomar Ramphul are said to have been friends, and thus they cannot understand how he could have lost his temper to reach such a point as to murder his friend.

Rajcoomar and Sunita Ramphul, together with their 2 teenage sons, appeared in front of the Bail and Remand Court. The other three are suspected to have participated in the assault against Nizam. After the police objected against their release on parole, they were locked up in prison. They will appear in court again today. As for the daughter of the Rajcoomar family, she has been admitted in the Jawaharlal Nehru hospital at Rose-Belle.

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