4 Young Teenagers Arrested in Goodlands For Operating As A Gang of Thieves

A group of four young teenagers, allegedly operating as a gang of thieves, have been arrested by the police of Goodlands. They are suspected to have robbed from the market and a shop in the village.

police mtius

The four of them are between 13 to 15 years of age. Young teenagers having set up a gang to rob people of the region are accused to have indulged in robbery 5 times. After they were arrested by the CID of Goodlands, they appeared in court on August 11.

One of them has been released on parole while the others were taken to the Correctional Youth Centre (CYC).

The 5 thefts attributed to them were committed within a month. They allegedly broke into the market to steal chicken – they are said to have taken away 200 pounds thereof. They also stole prepaid phonecards, cigarettes, and alcohol bottles from a shop, all amounting to around Rs 100,000.

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