Anonymous Document Shows That Was “Reserved” in January 2015 But Public Whois Info Does Not Confirm The Information

An anonymous document has been released that could take the Bramer Bank affair to a wholly different direction.

domain nameShakeel Mohamed in press conference. Photo credits:

Shakeel Mohamed, the lawyer of Laina Rawat and Brian Burns, has revealed the document today afternoon, August 12, that shows how the domain name “” was reserved since January 21 of this year, when the BAI crisis had not even occurred, and when the Bramer Bank was taken over by the National Commercial Bank only recently.

The document was found in a plastic bag in front of the door of the house of Laina Rawat and Brian Burns, yesterday morning, as claimed by the latter.

Shakeel Mohamed affirmed in a press conference today that there was no security camera at the home of his clients to identify the person who brought the document to their doorstep.

The document was submitted to the CCID by the Burns.

According to the document, the registration of the domain name was done in the name of a certain A.R from the Bramer Banking Corporation Limited. The document includes other information such as the creation and updated dates: “creation date 1er avril 2015” and “updated date 9 avril 2015”. Another piece of data read “updated registrant info” which included the name of the firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

The Burns couple asked for an investigation to shed light on the situation.

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