Apollo Bramwell Hospital: 2 New Committees Set Up

A number of high-ranking officers of the Apollo Bramwell hospital have been sacked, effective immediately.

apollo bramwell

A meeting was held today, August 31, gathering the union representative of the hospital, the National Insurance Company, and the financial secretary Dev Manraj. Following the discussion that lasted for around 2 hours, it was decided that certain employees were to be sacked.

Another assembly is scheduled for the employees tomorrow as from noon whereby the new decisions will be communicated to the latter.

Meanwhile, two committees having been set up today will shoulder responsibilities pertaining to the institution. An internal one will consist of representatives of each department and will take care of the day-to-day running of the hospital while a Managing Steering Committee led by union representatives, the board of directors, and a new special administrator (Yacoob Ramtoolah), will be in charge of decision-making issues regarding employment.

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