Opposition against new ID card

Biometric NIC Data Will Be Destroyed As From August 24

The biometric data previously gathered by officials of the ex-government to put together the new National Identity Card (NIC), will be destroyed by the authorities. The procedure will start off as from August 24, and scheduled to last for over 3 weeks.

Opposition against new ID card


The pictures and digital fingerprints that were gleaned from Mauritians will be destroyed from August 24 to September 15. The 900,000 fingerprint information will thus be deleted. However, those with the new NICs will still be able to use the card.

The registration centres for the NIC will be closed as from August 24 to September 11 for the authorities to “upgrade” the system.

Another deadline to keep in mind is September 30, after which the old NICs will no more be valid.

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