Bringing Nandanee Soornack Back: ACP Heman Jangi Travels To Italy

The authorities have organised yet another mission to bring Nandanee Soornack back. The Assistant Commissioner of Police, Heman Jangi, has travelled to Italy yesterday, August 18, with the aim to convince Italian authorities to speed up the extradition procedures of Nandanee Soornack, specially that she is no more under house arrest since the beginning of August.

Nandanee S.Nandanee Soornack

The ACP has a new file on Nandanee Soornack. Additional charges have been levelled against her since this week: money laundering and influence peddling. She is suspected to be involved in the Dufry-Frydu case. Furthermore, she is thought to have played a role in underestimating the value of a house in Floreal that she bought from Didier Maingard at Rs 30 million.

Heman Jangi will soon meet up with officers of the Italian Ministry of Justice, the head of Interpol, and police officers in charge of the case.

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