Courts Taken Over By Original Founder, David Isaacs

Courts is being taken over its very founder, David Isaacs. Back when the latter was in charge of the firm, it was named “Mammouth”. Courts will be back in business as from the beginning of next month.


David Isaacs has confirmed to l’ that they will take over the company. He explains that they will first re-establish the activities of the firm and not change its name right away.

One of his top priorities is to provide for the stock of the stores. Furthermore, he wishes to work with the employees of Courts who, according to him, went through difficult times this year. He also intends to restore the confidence of the clients.

The employees have sighed in relief when hearing of the news. L’ reports that many of them have worked with David Isaacs in the past.

What about the conditions under which Courts was bought by Isaacs? Union activist Reaz Chuttoo indicated that he would contact the Minister of Good Governance, Roshi Bhadain, as well as the Minister of Employment, Soodesh Callichurn, to have more details.

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