Document Found By Laina Rawat Described as Inauthentic By Employee of Ex-Bramer Bank, Ally Raheemeea

More information that is claimed to be on the mysterious document that has allegedly been found by Laina Rawat and her husband is being divulged. Accordingly, the name of Ally Raheemeea, an employee from the IT Department of the ex-Bramer Bank, has been mentioned. Raheemeea has dismissed statements pertaining to his involvement though.

domain name

Lawyer of Laina Rawat, Shakeel Mohamed, in press conference yesterday. Photo credits:

Ally Raheemeea is claimed to have reserved the domain name as from January 21, well before the BAI crisis. He has, however, denied any involvement that is implied in the document. According to him, it is but a hoax. The document is an inauthentic one, he says.

He explained that the domain name was created on April 9, three days after the creation and registration of the NCBL (National Commercial Bank Ltd).

He also added that anyone knowledgeable in IT would know that it was not possible to reserve a domain name. As per his explanations, a company has to be set up first, and registered at the Registrar of Companies before buying a domain name. As for the NCBL, Raheemeea affirmed having bought the domain name in his own name because they did not yet have a corporate card when the company was created to make purchases.

Raheemeea also indicated that he did not intend to file a complaint for now.

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