Fake Dentists In Mahebourg: Chinese Workers Fooling People To Earn Money

If you’re an inhabitant of Mahebourg, you might want to be cautious of some Chinese “dentists”. According to l’Express.mu, a group of 4 or 5 Chinese men working on construction sites have found a new way to make more money: pretending to be dentists and charging their ‘clients’ low prices.


L’Express.mu reports that the group operates in abandoned yards and houses. Mostly, they work during the week-end, public holidays and days of the Mahebourg fair. They set up their ‘equipment’, exposing them to attract potential clients. Some people even invite them inside for check-up.

Why would people resort to the services of suspicious men? They offer cheap prices. The clients are unconscious of the poor hygiene of the men who work without uniform or gloves.

The con-men are also said to pretend being sanitary officers. Not all of the inhabitants fall prey to them, fortunately. Many have found their claims and activities to be suspicious.

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  • Not surpriced at all, that’s how we know these Chinese people, unfortunately some of these guys, doing allmost anything to make money.

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