Filao Factory Employees Taken To Hospital: Firemen Say They Breathed In Methane

29 employees of the factory Filao, at Riche-Terre, have been urgently transported to the hospital today afternoon after having allegedly breathed in some gas that permeated the air.

gas leakPhoto credits: l’

The employees were taken to the hospital after they felt dizziness today, August 17.

Firemen and the police were called on the premises of the factory. L’ reports that the employees breathed in methane gas, according to the statements of a fireman.

Last week, on Friday, around 400 people working in the industrial zone of Riche-Terre were made to evacuate the grounds after a gas leak. 6 employees of Filao factory were even placed under observation. Following the incident, certain analysis was done at the laboratory of the Ministry of Environment. It was then revealed that the employees were intoxicated by methane.

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