Forest Side SSS Incident: ‘Saving Our Strays’ Issues A Complaint At The CCID

Members of the NGO Saving Our Strays apparently do not wish to give up. Following the controversy involving a stray dog that was claimed to have been mistreated by MSAW employees on the premises of Forest Side SSS, Saving Our Strays decided to file a police case. Representatives of the organisation went to the CCID today, August 25, accompanied by their lawyer, Melany Nagen, and a veterinarian.

guilty dog

In a statement to l’, Melany Nagen explained that they have given a further statement concerning the incident that occurred at Forest Side SSS. A report was prepared by the veterinarian.

The methods employed by employees of Mauritius Society for Animal Welfare (MSAW) were questioned by the public and NGOs fighting for animal rights after a video that had captured the particular incident at the educational institution was released. One of the students reported that she had seen the employees mistreating the dog. As for the MSAW, these claims have been denied.

The dog was later taken in by Saving Our Strays.

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