France Announces Land, Air & Sea Searches In & Around Reunion Island

France will perform land, air, and sea searches in Reunion Island to look for additional debris that might belong to MH370.

search on Reunion

The search on Reunion Island continues.

The flaperon found earlier off the coast of Reunion Island started everything. Malaysian authorities already confirmed that it was indeed part of the missing MH370 aircraft. According to the Minister of Transport of Malaysia, Liow Tiong Lai, the paint and other materials on the flaperon matched the maintenance records of the MH370 aircraft.

However, other experts are reticent to make such a statement, preferring to wait for more testing results. France has also ignored claims that more debris had been found; this marks another point of disagreement between French and Malaysian authorities. According to the former, no additional debris was spotted, while the latter claim that window panes and seat cushions were found. Faced with this contradiction, Minister Liow said “we respect their decision to continue with their verification.”

Meanwhile, French authorities have started off a search program around Reunion Island today morning, August 7. A military Casa aircraft, together with helicopter and boat patrols, as well as search teams on the ground, were deployed for the job.

On the other hand, an international team of aviation experts in Toulouse are still examining the flaperon.

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