Google & Facebook Provide Internet Via Balloons & Drones Respectively

Google and Facebook wish to provide access to the Internet to an increasing number of people. Google thus came up with the idea of Loon balloons that will soon cater for Internet facilities in Sri Lanka while Facebook has its Aquila drone ready.


The two firms intend to reach out to populations who are otherwise unable to have access to Internet. The first results of their efforts have now been revealed.

Google mentioned its project back in June 2013 to connect zones with no Internet coverage. The endeavour has reached a new phase: Sri Lanka recently officially announced to be the first country benefitting from Internet facilities via Google Loon. The whole of the country is to be provided with a high-speed Internet connection. Details pertaining to prices have not been made public yet though.

Facebook also announced that it has finally completed the construction of its first Aquila drone. The latter is in the form of a flying wing with 4 engines. Though it has a wingspan comparable to a Boeing 737, it weighs less than an electric car. It is meant to be the recipient of signals through small towers and dishes which will then be translated into Wi-Fi for the people. It will fly at around 18 to 27 km altitude. The Google balloons will also operate at a similar height.

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