Khoyratty Incident: Was The Attacker Under The Influence of Black Magic?

What caused the 37-year-old man from Khoyratty to attack 4 police officers and set fire to their vehicle? According to his brother, he was a victim to black magic that accounted for his behaviour.

khoyratty fire

The damage done at the home of the young man. Photo credits: l’

The incident happened on Sunday, August 9, after the man’s family called the police when they feared lest they got hurt by his hands; he was putting his personal belongings on fire and they feared for their own lives. When the police arrived, he tried to assault them, and damaged their vehicle by setting it on fire. The officers got slightly hurt in the struggle. 50 other policemen from the Northern Division had to intervene when matters worsened.

The attacker, a 38-year-old planter going by the name of Veekash Soondur, is, however, described as being a good person. Those who know him are extremely surprised at his deeds. His brother has an explanation that seems to purge him from all blame: black magic. According to l’, his sister-in-law stated her opinion that “he was not in his senses”; she asserted knowing him for 10 years, and that he loved his family.

The police officers gave their version of the incident at the headquarters of the CCID yesterday, August 10.

The perpetrator himself, Veekash Soodur, was admitted to the SSRN hospital. He will give his testimony to the investigators and appear in court once he is discharged.

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  • Must have been a very very busy Headquarter, if all “fiftyfour” Officers had to give their version.Must have been one of these days, where there was nothing els to do on Northern District, FIFTYFOUR, jeez !

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