Major Power Cuts Scheduled In 2016

Following the assessment of the authorities regarding the energy situation of the island, it has been decided that certain regions will face momentary power cuts in 2016. The industrial zones at Plaine-Lauzun, Pailles, Coromandel, Goodlands, as well as the cybercity at Ebene, together with commercial centres will be included under the program.


The situation is alarming, says Ivan Collendavelloo. He has affirmed that the circumstances might become problematic in 2016. The minister has confirmed that rolling blackouts will be executed, according to l’

No protocol has been drafted to determine which localities will be involved though. Rather, the focus will be on striking a balance between supply and demand. Regions of high power consumption will thus be restricted as per the electricity supply.

A specialist in energy, Khalil Elahee, who contributed to the preparation of the report of the National Energy Commission in 2013, has said in a statement to l’ that caution is to be exercised in February/ March 2016. Furthermore, an additional report from an expert of the World Bank on the energy situation of Mauritius will soon be released to the public.

How will the population face this situation? The authorities have come up with a set of solutions. For instance, the CEB will readjust the maintenance schedule of machines. Those of the Independent Power Producers (IPP) will ideally be sent at different times. Also, the contract with Consolidated Energy Ltd of the Alteo group has been renewed for three more years.

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